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DigitalTrains employs a modular approach to train assembly, allowing users to connect vehicles and interfaces with defined key dimensions. This creates a comprehensive 3D representation of the train. Vehicle definitions include physical properties such as mass, stiffness, and inertia, as well as motive properties like braking and tractive characteristics.

Interfaces comprise coupling arrangements and auxiliary energy absorption devices between vehicles or at the train’s ends. Users can position energy absorption devices within established mechanical configurations, such as coupler pivots, side buffer casings, draw bars, and anti-climbers.


DigitalTrains offers multiple tools to create trains for simulations. The train builder feature enables quick and easy assembly using default settings, while users can also build trains from libraries or from scratch.


The train review area allows users to customise trains for simulations. Challenges such as selecting suitable energy absorption devices and adjusting their offsets can be addressed through the Train Review Settings page. Users can compare devices using the Composite Graph, which displays the force and stroke characteristics of each device.


Hydraulic absorbers can be customized for specific applications, providing minimal force for a given coupling velocity. DigitalTrains automates the optimization process, enabling users to complete it quickly without expert knowledge.

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Inspect the assembled train in a 3D model. Zoom, pan, and remove layers to examine the train, vehicles, and interfaces in detail. Users can focus on specific areas by selecting individual coupling interfaces and adjusting layers


Public library devices typically include images, product datasheets, technical drawings, and STEP files, known as asset files in DigitalTrains. Users can download these files as a single zip file.

Users can request a complete STEP file containing all entities at the coupling interface and receive a download link via email.

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