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Railway Design Optimisation Made Easy

DigitalTrains™ is cloud-based software for modelling railway infrastructure, rolling stock and sub systems as a combined system
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Experience the power of easily assembling, modifying, optimising and virtually testing a railway with DigitalTrains™ Demonstrator.

Railway Design Optimisation Made Easy

DigitalTrains™ allows for the creation and assessment of a virtual representation of the rail network and trains, enabling informed decisions to be made at an early stage of a project. By allowing users to create and share models of trains, each user can add their own area of expertise, while providing tools to simulate train performance on the infrastructure. DigitalTrains™ also allows for the analysis and visualisation of the virtual rail network as animations, graphical displays, technical reports, or data sheets. The technology reduces costs, maximises project efficiency, and lifts decision-makers to a bird’s-eye perspective.

DigitalTrains™ incorporates VAMPIRE Pro

DigitalTrains™ integrates Vampire Pro and Oleo's longitudinal dynamics code, creating a comprehensive rail simulation package on a collaborative online platform.

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Cloud based software that is easy to use for fast simulations and efficient collaboration.


DigitalTrains™ facilitates collaboration through a virtual workspace that accommodates individual projects in personal spaces, team efforts in corporate spaces, and cross-business interactions in shared spaces.

Administrative tools provided by DigitalTrains™ enable managing shared spaces and controlling content, allowing administrators to compare systems or subsystems and approve or reject changes.

Sharing models on DigitalTrains™ is easy; users only need the recipient's email address. By selecting the 'send to' feature, they can invite others to download the model or simulation from DigitalTrains™ into their personal workspace.

Modelling and Visualisation

DigitalTrains™ allows the user to configure and store full 3D images of Rail systems including:

DigitalTrains™ also allows users to upload their own CAD models to be able to visualise their specific train or vehicle

Databases & Libraries

DigitalTrains™ has a database of all key rail systems or sub-systems organised in easily accessible libraries. There are separate libraries for individual users, corporate users and shared libraries for cross business projects. There are libraries for:


Simulations in DigitalTrains™ are offered through three packages tailored to specific simulation requirements. Each package includes collaboration, visualization, and modelling tools and shares a common database, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across packages.


Simulate train collisions or train impacts with buffer stops. Execute single or multiple impact simulations under various load conditions and analyse forces or accelerations throughout the train.

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Train Running

Examine train running characteristics and longitudinal train dynamics. Assess wheel and rail interactions and track forces using the dedicated wheel/rail viewer. Investigate flange climbing and derailment risks.

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The gauging option encompasses all Train Running features, with added capabilities for static, kinematic, or absolute gauging.

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Virtual collaborative platform

A low cost tool for project managers, train operators & manufacturers

DigitalTrains™ has a range of tools to help the user create models, run simulations and analyse the results.


Route Profiles
Map or manually create route profiles for simulations
Assemble trains using the vehicle libraries and interface libraries
Buffer Stops
Design buffer stops to impact with the train's coupler

Rolling Stock

Define vehicle geometry, strength, bogie types and positions
Assemble bogies using the bogie parts library
Coupling interfaces
Create coupling interfaces using the extensive device libraries


Create wheel and rail profiles and set profile data
Configure devices using the extensive libraries
Digital Twins
Download CAD Models matching the Physical Twin.


Comparison tools
Compare trains
Analysis tools
Graphical displays, CSV downloads, interactive animations and full reports
Train Optimiser
Optimise performance